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COVID-19: A Perspective from Healthcare Professionals
from Around The World
Dec. 15, 2021


COVID-19: A Perspective from Healthcare Professionals from Around The World
On Dec. 15, 2021, a meeting of prominent infectious disease experts from around the world was conducted by Health Watch USAsm Authorities from the United States, Singapore, Australia, Germany, and Peru were in attendance along with a short narrative update from the United Kingdom. Overall, all nations are reporting a significant rise in cases due to the Delta Variant. Omicron is starting to take hold and the United Kingdom is bracing for an onslaught of patients which may overrun their healthcare system. Preventative strategies and barriers of the various countries are presented. Strategies discussed are masking, testing, travel bans, vaccine passports, natural immunity, vaccinations and financial disincentives. The United States, similar to other countries around the world, have little or no reserve to muster to confront an onslaught of hospitalizations due to the highly infectious Omicron Variant. Unless the United States starts to embrace public health advice, COVID-19 may become a catastrophe both in lives ruined, lost and in economically breaking dollar costs.  Health Watch USAsm Meeting.   Dec. 15, 2021. 
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