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Jack Pattie Show With Dr. Kevin Kavanagh, MD
18, 2022


COVID-19: Walgreens' Test Positivity Data & Efficacy of the 4th Vaccine Dose
Dr. Kevin Kavanagh from Health Watch USAsm discusses the new data which Walgreens' is posting on test positivity rates. This is a large comprehensive data set which should give a good cross section of the nation. One can access it by Googling "Walgreens COVID-19 Index". In Kentucky, our test positivity rate has increased 100% over last week and our test positivity rate is over 10%. However, our very poor performance during the Omicron, BA.1, surge may give us some protection for the BA.2 variant, mitigating the number of cases. The second mRNA booster (Pfizer) appears to be efficacious in older individuals to restore one's immunity back to the original state. After six weeks efficacy against severe infections (hospitalizations) is augmented four times, back to the original immune state, and did not wane. However, efficacy against infections approaches baseline after 6 to 8 weeks. This probably indicates a decrease in circulating antibodies but a persistence of memory B cells. New data regarding myocarditis shows that overall, the COVID-19 vaccine produces an incidence similar to other vaccines. There is one age group, young males which has an incidence of 450 out of a million vaccine doses. This is still only one case out of several thousand vaccine doses and the vast majority of cases are mild. In addition, even in this age group, the chances of contracting myocarditis from a vaccine is much less than contracting it from an infection.  Jack Pattie Show. April 18, 2022.
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