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Jack Pattie Show With Dr. Kevin Kavanagh, MD
20, 2021


COVID-19: Should We Triage Vaccinated to the End of the Line ?
Dr. Kavanagh from Health Watch USAsm discusses the problem of vaccinated individuals postponing needed surgery for patients with COVID-19 who chose not to be vaccinated. Similar to Polio and Measles 90% of the public will have to be vaccinated and follow public health advice before the pandemic stops. With high community spread, the virus may undergo recombination, swapping RNA with another virus, and producing a super virus. Deaths are mounting, almost a million souls as measured by excess deaths. New Zealand views the pandemic seriously and closes down with just one case. Other countries have similar views such as Australia, S. Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. Schools cannot open safely with high community spread and test positivity rates above 12. Schools need to upgrade their ventilation systems, provide high quality N95 masks, twice weekly testing and small class sizes with hybrid teaching. SARS-CoV-2 is endemic and here to stay. Jack Pattie Show. FM 97.3. Aug. 20, 2021.

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