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Jack Pattie Show With Dr. Kevin Kavanagh, MD
2, 2021


COVID-19: Do the Elderly Need Boosters?
Dr. Kevin Kavanagh from Health Watch USAsm discusses the new Israeli data which shows vaccine immunity waning in the elderly, especially those over 60 years of age if the last dose of the vaccine was received before Jan 31, 2021. Israel is giving a thrid dosage or booster to the elderly. Those with previous infections are also at risk, some report even higher for reinfection. In addition, the Delta Variant produces 1000 times more virons and we all should wear N95 masks, avoid indoor settings and even outdoors is not completely safe. Jack Pattie Show. Aug. 2, 2021.

Germany Calling on European Union to Require Boosters 

U.K. Plans to Introduce Boosters in September.

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